Thinking about my dad today on this first Memorial Day without him. My dad was one of those WWII heroes though he didn’t see it that way. He was just following orders, just doing his job.

He hated war, never wanted to glamorize it and always rebuffed those who did…

We’ve been waiting all day for test results — we’re still waiting

We were hoping for news today, preferably good news, from dad’s doctors.

Instead, we waited, all day, but no news came.

Right now, the waiting is the hardest part. …

I spent the afternoon at the hospital with my dad. He had no recollection of his complete confusion last night and I didn’t bring it up. He actually said he had, “a pretty good night.”

I don’t think I slept at all.

We’re not sure what’s coming his way. The…

How casually hearing, “Your dad has heart failure” is like a punch to the gut

The nurse said it so casually, like she was saying, “Please pass the salt.”

“Your dad has heart failure.” Her high voice had a sing-song ring but it was like a punch to the gut…

Grateful that a night in the ICU gave dad his breath back

Aging is so complicated. Mix-in family dynamics, anxiety, and a pandemic raging and it makes it even more challenging.

We joke that dad has nine lives. He’s the boy who cried wolf again and again and again. …

Dad’s labored breathing lands him back in the hospital

Here we go. Again. My sister and I went to visit our dad today and he was off, way off.

He’s had a cough and some wheezing for a week now— coupled with his anxiety, everyone said, “Let’s watch him, it’s…

My dad has always been an anxious person. Childhood trauma mixed with his service as a tail gunner in WWII set him up for a lifetime of undiagnosed and untreated apprehension.

You can’t see the anxiety, but it’s there. Constant movement, rearranging furniture, always needing to fix something, shift something…

Amy Squires

Life lessons on being back in my childhood home with my 95-year-old dad. Writing it all down.

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