Heading Out Into The Sunshine

As per my mom, ‘everything in moderation’

My mother used to say, “Everything in moderation.” She was a nurse practitioner and a pretty awesome mom, so I took her comment to heart.

Let’s be honest, her comment also allowed for dessert after most dinners and the ability to tell us ‘no’ when we wanted two sleepovers in a row with our friends.

Being in the sun for me has always been one of those, ‘everything in moderation’ moments. I have fair, freckled skin, so I have to be careful.

Today was bittersweet. It was one of those perfect blue, full sunshine days. My mom’s kind of day. Everyone was out and you had a feeling that we’re on the other side of 2020, even though we know we’re not there, yet.

We walked along the lake and stopped by mom’s tree. If she were here today, she’d want to be right where her tree is; watching kids ride bikes, dogs run around, lovers hold hands, and friends and family gather.

I always grab hold of a branch and tell her about the day and how much I miss her.

I took my hat off, closed my eyes and let the sun hit my face for a few minutes holding onto that branch.

Everything in moderation.



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